Various - A Dizzy Taste Download

Various - A Dizzy Taste Download

Performer: Various
Album: A Dizzy Taste
Country: UK
Released: 18 Dec 2015
Style: Ambient, Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental, Noise, Abstract, Dub
Label: Digital Dizzy
Catalog number: dD77
MP3 version ZIP size: 2902 mb
FLAC version ZIP size: 2557 mb
WMA version ZIP size: 1158 mb
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 336
1Nik ThursdayNightlands2:41
2Qualo InfinitySheer Vertical8:38
3Squeegeed CleanAn Englishman& An Irishman Walk Into A 4 Track5:58
4DevotionalhallucinaticEarly Hours Jam For Emanuel Litvinoff3:43
5Idle Devotee(Fp2)5:01
6DVAnt meets Trinity LO FIBlack Rain3:46
7Phil Cross & Glen TomneyUniversal Women6:34
8Idle PotentiateMoondub7:04
9Blow DartLet Drop3:23
10Ishmael CormackUntitled 1310:06
11M.NOMIZEDIn Cage (Thoracic Mutation N-¦1)7:04
12AbquexaObservation Wheel3:04
14Cooper RainesPaper Boats On The High Seas3:31
15Huso FinNo Soap2:26
16Karakasa KozōTales From The Eidolic Fields (Part One)8:31
17Jumbo PimpPre-Precambrian Fish2:51
19Aki TchenSeveral Scarecrows Looking In Your Window4:35
20The Man In The Mountain5.111:33
22The Astral LodgeTell3:15
23atom earth motherOtterman5:39
24Mean FlowInmost Silence
Keyboards, Music By – Theofil Tsiolakakis
25Cousin SilasIapetus5:43
26Glove Of BonesGlove Of Bones OST (Edit)6:08
27Warrior Squares1.11.2014 (Edit 1)6:37
29FeroxideThe Trance (Dub)3:29
30Scotty DelowePetroglyph (Part 1)10:46
31Zardoz PoinGPennies For My Eyes (Ruby Mix)3:51

VA. A Dizzy Taste
by digitalDIZZY

01. The Astral Lodge - Tell 03:15
02. Dogdub - budamadub 05:12
03. Zardoz poinG - pennies for my eyes (ruby mix) 03:51
04. Jumbo Pimp - Pre-Precambrian Fish 02:51
05. Feroxide - The Trance (Dub) 03:29
06. Huso Fin - No Soap 02:26
07. Idle Devotee - (Fp2) 05:01
08. Phil Cross & Glen Tomney - Universal Women 06:34
09. Glove of Bones - Glove of Bones OST (edit) 06:08
10. idle potentiate - moondub 07:04
11. Atom Earth Mother - Otterman 05:39
12. Warrior Squares - 1.11.2014 (edit 1) 06:37
13. Karakasa Kozō - Tales from the Eidolic Fields (Part One) 08:31
15. Abquexa - Observation Wheel 03:04
16. UNSAMPLE - Void 10:16
17. blow dart - let drop 03:23
18. DVAnt meets Trinity LO FI - Black rain 03:46
19. Cooper Raines - Paper Boats on the High Seas 03:31
20. Mean Flow - Inmost Silence 03:56
21. Nik Thursday - Nightlands 02:41
22. Devotionalhallucinatic - early hours jam for emanuel litvinoff 03:43
23. M.NOMIZED - In Cage (Thoracic Mutation N-¦1) 07:04
24. Ishmael Cormack - Untitled 13 10:06
25. Scotty Delowe - Petroglyph (Part 1) 10:46
26. Cousin Silas - Iapetus 05:43
27. Qualo Infinity - Sheer Vertical 08:38
28. Winjer3 - Filament 11:33
29. Aki Tchen - Several Scarecrows Looking in Your Window 04:35
30. the man in the mountain - 5.1 11:33
31. sp3ct3rs - shadow-work 04:32

(dD77 )
Artwork| Kerstin Kuntze.

The Astral Lodge| Exclusive track (more here digitaldizzy.bandcamp.com/album/the-astral-lodge-imaginary-10-12)

Dogdub| Exclusive track (more here digitaldizzy.bandcamp.com/album/dogdub-imaginary-10-13)

Zardoz poinG| Exclusive track (Upcoming soon)

Jumbo Pimp| digitaldizzy.bandcamp.com/album/jumbo-pimp-general-principle-waits-in-the-foothills-of-time

Idle Devotee| Exclusive track (Upcoming soon)

Huso Fin| digitaldizzy.bandcamp.com/album/huso-fin-the-second-impasse

Phil Cross & Glen Tomney| digitaldizzy.bandcamp.com/album/phil-cross-glen-tomney-present-audio-cartography

Feroxide| Exclusive track (more here digitaldizzy.bandcamp.com/album/feroxide-an-inescapable-truth

Glove of Bones| digitaldizzy.bandcamp.com/album/glove-of-bones-glove-of-bones-ost

idle potentiate| digitaldizzy.bandcamp.com/album/idle-potentiate-imaginary-10-17

Atom Earth Mother| digitaldizzy.bandcamp.com/album/v-a-another-one

Warrior Squares| Exclusive track (more here warriorsquares.bandcamp.com

Karakasa Kozō| digitaldizzy.bandcamp.com/album/karakasa-koz-the-book-of-part-ones

Squeegeed Clean| digitaldizzy.bandcamp.com/album/squeegeed-clean-it-insists-upon-itself

Abquexa| digitaldizzy.bandcamp.com/album/abquexa-tropicality

blow dart| digitaldizzy.bandcamp.com/album/blow-dart-let-drop

UNSAMPLE| digitaldizzy.bandcamp.com/album/unsample-vvv

DVAnt meets Trinity LO FI|Exclusive track (Upcoming soon)

Cooper Raines| digitaldizzy.bandcamp.com/album/cooper-raines-the-night-collapses-into-swallows

Mean Flow| digitaldizzy.bandcamp.com/album/mean-flow-inmost-silence

Nik Thursday| digitaldizzy.bandcamp.com/album/nik-thursday-skydiving

Devotionalhallucinatic|Exclusive track (Upcoming soon)

M.NOMIZED| digitaldizzy.bandcamp.com/album/m-nomized-in-cage

Ishmael Cormack| digitaldizzy.bandcamp.com/album/ishmael-cormack

Scotty Delowe| digitaldizzy.bandcamp.com/album/scotty-delowe-petroglyph

Cousin Silas| digitaldizzy.bandcamp.com/album/cousin-silas-dark-moons

Qualo Infinity|Exclusive track (more here qualoinfinity.bandcamp.com

Winjer3| digitaldizzy.bandcamp.com/album/winjer3-finite

Aki Tchen| digitaldizzy.bandcamp.com/album/aki-tchen-father-scarecrow

the man in the mountain| digitaldizzy.bandcamp.com/album/the-man-in-the-mountain-one-from-five

sp3ct3rs| digitaldizzy.bandcamp.com/album/sp3ct3rs-this-is-love

released December 18, 2015

tags: experimental ambient-experimental d-i-y punk drone dub noise Bristol

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